ECF believes that every child deserves access to books to expand their horizons beyond their immediate vision.  ECF provides book donations to nonprofit events in the Greater Philadelphia region where books are being distributed for free to children.  

To request books, please fill out the Contact Us form below using the subject line "Book Donation" and include in your message:

 - your nonprofit name and tax ID

 - the quantity of books you are requesting

 - the date of your event

 - the grade or reading level of the books you are requesting

 Requests must be received no later than four weeks in advance of the date of your event.  Books are provided in quantities no greater than 500 and are provided annually on a first come first served basis. Books are not shipped and must be picked up from Lincoln Financial Field by appointment only, during normal business hours.  Please note that due to the volume of requests we receive not all requests are able to be filled. 

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